Services and Prices

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  • ConsultationPhoto without correction. JPEG.
  • Payoff time: a few hours
  • 1 hour 
  • 30 min 
  • 15 min 



  • Consultation
  • All the best photos are in correction.
  • No retouching. 
  • 70-150 pcs



  • Consultation
  • All the best photos in color and light correction with light retouching. 
  • 100-150 pcs



  • Consultation
  • All the best photos in author’s correction with light retouching.
  • 10 photos in manual detailed retouching. 
  • 100-150 pcs

ADDITIONAL services at your request

  • Author’s light-color correction without plastic with simple retouching
  • Author’s light and color correction with simple retouching and plasticization
  • Author’s light and color correction with simple retouching and liquify. Background cleanup from unnecessary details.
  • Handmade (retouching), specific wishes are discussed
  • Take the sources if not included in the package
  • Unlimited time storage of 1 photo shoot on my disk
  • Discount is possible with a large order for correction.

Photography lessons

📷 Individual consultation or individual support during a photo shoot: 

  • An ideal solution for those who are looking for personal assistance from a professional without unnecessary complications. 
  • As part of this package, you will receive a convenient opportunity to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

💡 Why it is convenient, fast and affordable: 

  •  Convenient for your time: Flexible schedule and the opportunity to receive professional help at a time convenient for you, not dependent on your schedule or obligations. 
  •  Fast: Instant solution to your problems or questions without the need for waiting or lengthy consultations. 
  •  Targeted Problem Solving: Focuses on your specific requests and problems, allowing you to make the most of your time and resources. 

 Possibility of extending the consultation: If you wish, you can extend the consultation to study the topic in more detail or resolve additional questions. After consultation or support, I am always ready to provide additional support and answer your questions briefly in messengers to help you achieve the desired results in your photographic practice. 

📚 Intensive two-day course in photography:

  • A two-day intensive course in Fundamentals of Photography for aspiring photographers. 
  • Each day includes a rigorous training program covering the fundamental aspects of photography.

💼 What you will learn on the course:

  • Composition and framing fundamentals. 
  • Utilization of natural and artificial light. 
  • Understanding exposure and utilization of various shooting modes. 
  • Overview of primary equipment types and their application. 
  • Introduction to basic photo editing.

📷 Additional practical sessions: 

  • Opportunity to supplement the course with practical sessions guided by an experienced photographer for an additional fee. 
  • Practical sessions will allow you to directly apply acquired knowledge and skills in practice and receive feedback.

💡 Additional benefits: 

  • Flexible learning schedule. 
  • Support via email or chat for 1 month after course completion. 
  • Opportunity for re-access to materials for further review.

🎓 Personal coaching for 2 months: 

  • 8 individual online sessions of 1 hour each. 
  • Personalized training plan and development of your skills. 
  • Constant feedback and support from an experienced photographer (in person). 
  • Practical tasks and recommendations for growth in the profession. 

📝 What will you learn and what skills you will acquire: 

  • The basics of composition and framing to create effective and attractive photographs. 
  • Techniques for using natural and artificial lighting to achieve the desired effects in photography. 
  • Understanding the basics of exposure and choosing the most appropriate shooting modes in different situations. 
  • Developing your professional style and approach to photography. 
  • Overview of the main image correction programs and their use to improve the quality and aesthetics of your photos. 

💡 Additional benefits:

  • Answers to all questions and support for 1 month after completing the course. 
  • Motivation to take action and support your professional growth. 
  • Full control over the situation and individual approach to each student. 

The condition for the student is to follow the recommendations and complete tasks within the deadlines, which will allow him to make the most effective use of the acquired knowledge and skills to achieve success in photography. If there is no regular communication with the client after the completion of the course, the service will be considered provided, as it is assumed that the client no longer has questions about the material. 

This coaching package will provide you with everything you need to successfully develop in the field of photography, with additional benefits to help you stay motivated and be under constant support in the process of learning and further practice.

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